Gallery Module

The Gallery Module is used to display a gallery of images from either the WordPress Media Library or a SmugMug gallery that you specify.

There are a few different types of Gallery Modules that you can use. They all offer different options and styles.

Our Favourite: We like using the "Image/Photo Gallery" under the Media Modules - PowerPack. Click and drag that module onto your page and choose the settings that best match your layout. Our preference is to use the following settings to style the Gallery.

  • Layout: Grid
  • Image Size: Thumbnail (or the smallest size that fits to allow the page to load quickly)
  • Click Action: Lightbox
  • Hover Effects: Zoom In
  • Column Settings: whatever number works best with the layout
Gallery Module

Click the icon in the upper right corner.

Click and drag the Gallery Module onto the page...

gallery module

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