Website Management and Hosting

The necessary foundation to reliably serve your website to users online and deliver premium functionality to you and your customers.

All of the websites that we design are managed and hosted by us to provide the best experience for our clients and their website's users. To ensure that the websites we build get the best results, we include subscriptions to some premium software that really helps our clients shine and grow their businesses!

Website Hosting

Server Space

Web Server Software

SSL Certificate, Secured

Better than standard shared hosting! In our hosting server environment we manage a specific apartment block of websites. All these websites are owned by our clients and the software is managed and maintained regularly.

Website Management

Update Core Software

Update Plugins

Fix compatibility issues*

Create Monthly Backups

Monitor Security

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

Premium Software

WP Forms Software

This Contact From software is powerful, full of options and provides a reliable way for new clients to get in touch.

Drag & Drop Editor

All the power of WordPress with an easy to use interface for creating attractive webpages, landing pages, blogs and more.

WP Rocket

Accelerates the load time of your website. This premium software provides superior caching to improve your website speed. Google's use of load time as a ranking factor will boost your website's placement.

Font Awesome Pro

Icons are a great way to get your message across visually. We believe that having access to a library of almost 8,000 is a huge bonus

website hosting

Required for proper website functionality and optimal performance.

Website hosting refers to space on a web server that allows your website to be accessible on the world wide web. These servers store the files and database(s) that run your website.

Server Space

Physical space on a web server to store your website's files including photo's, documents and website files like PHP, CSS, HTML etc.


We purchase several premium plugins that run on all our clients websites. These include: WP Forms, Beaver Builder, WP Rocket, Font Awesome Pro and more.

website management

This ensures optimal performance and security.

We manage all aspects of the website's software and fix problems that arise. By monitoring your website's performance, software and performing updates we can effectively fix any conflicts as they arise. Having a backup plan with redundancies is very important for worse case scenarios and disaster planning.


Software monitoring and core updates.


Update plugins that extend WordPress's functionality.


Resolve software conflicts and errors. Up to 2 hours yearly is included to fix problems that arise from upgrading software.


Create and maintain monthly backups. Redundant backups are kept on multiple servers.


Monitor login data, attempted hacks and password reset attempts.


We monitor the website's uptime and quickly work to rectify any problems.

In more detail...

Software Upgrades

Almost all websites now are run on Content Management Systems like WordPress and are extended by adding more software called Plugins. Software Updates provide new features, fix bugs and conflicts and patch security breaches. It's super important to keep WordPress and it's associated Plugins up to date for security reasons. We monitor and update website software on a regular basis to reduce the chance of software conflicts. Included with our yearly plan is two hours of software conflict resolution. From time to time, usually due to software enhancements, conflicts can arise that require some coding adjustments to maintain proper functionality.

Security Monitoring

Your website and every website online is subject to brute force attacks, attempted hacking and malicious activity. You may wonder why someone would want to hack into your website and what they'd hope to gain by doing so. Generally hackers cast a wide net, hope to gain access to a small percentage of their targets and then hope that some of those websites contain information that they can use.

Using special website security software, we monitor back end access and brute force login attempts to your website. We're able to see where users are that login to your website or attempt to login.

*Every effort is made to prevent unauthorized entry to the backend of your website. If your website has been compromised every effort will be made to restore it as soon as possible. We cannot be found liable for any undesired outcome.

Backup Maintenance

Having a backup plan is vital. Although the goal is to never need to reinstall a backup of your website, the worst can happen and having a recent backup will makes thing a lot less painful.

*Backups are created monthly. If the backup is required to restore functionality to the website any changes made within the previous month may be lost.

Uptime Monitoring

We consider it an emergency if your website has gone down for any reason. Knowing within minutes if this happens is crucial to ensuring the best experience for your website's visitors and for you, the website owner to access your content. Using specialize software we monitor your website 24/7 and can react quickly to rectify the problem.

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