How to use Instagram

Instagram is the most popular way to share photos.

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Create an Instagram account

  • Download the Instagram app and signup or login if you have an account.

Complete you profile and make your words count

As a photo sharing app, the focus is on the photo content, hashtags and comments. You can't share website links like other social networks. The only place you can have a link is in your bio. This is why you often see people write "Link in Bio" when posting to instagram.

TIP: There are paid services available to help link images on Instagram or to provide custom Instagram landing pages. We can help by creating a custom URL fo you to use in your Instagram bio to help guide this social media traffic.

Link your Instagram account to your Facebook and/or Twitter account(s).

  1. Go to your profile and tap
  2. Then tap the Settings button
  3. Then Tap Linked Accounts
  4. Select which accounts you want to connect.

Post an Image or Video to your Instagram Feed

The Instagram feed is the main area where you'll post a single image, a series of images or a video.

TIP: Use an App like OVER or iMovie to add some pizzazz to your photos and videos.

  1. Click the + icon at the bottom of your screen
  2. Your Library will appear, from here choose to post a:

Single Photo or Video:

  • Tap on a photo from your LIBRARY
  • or Tap PHOTO to take a photo
  • or Tap VIDEO to take a video

or Multiple photos:

  • Tap the multiple photo button to add a collage of photos
  • or Tap the to add a slideshow of photos


  • Optionally adjust the image using Filters or Tap edit for more editing options

Tap NEXT, then add info to your post (optional):

  1. Add a Caption, emojis are allowed
  2. Tag People with an Instagram account
  3. Add a location
  4. Optionally choose to post the image to Facebook
  5. Tap SHARE

Post an Image or Video to your Instagram Story

Instagram Story's are temporary, they appear for 24 hours, then disappear. You can save your Story's in branded and organized Highlight folders that appear under your profile.

To add a story:

  1. Tap the + sign on your profile picture
  2. or Tap the in the upper left corner

Take a photo or video

  1. Tap the main button to take a photo or video
    1. You can choose to take a normal photo or video or use additional options to create a boomerang etc...

Or use a saved Photo or Video

  1. Tap the photo icon in the lower left to access your library

Once you've chosen a photo or video you can add some effects:

  • Tap the to add an animated effect to the photo or video
  • Tap the to add a sticker
  • Tap the to draw on the photo or video
  • Tap the to add text

TIP: Make your own custom gifs and stickers!
Download the Giphy app and create an account:
1. Upload your custom gifs
2. Copy the gif
3. Paste it into your Story

When done, choose to:

  • Post the photo or video to your Story
  • or send it to just your friends on Instagram
  • or Send it to specific people

Once your Story has been posted..

  • You can choose to save it to a Highlight folder
    1. View your Story by clicking your Profile image
    2. Tap the button to add the Story to a Highlight folder.
  • Other options once your Story has been posted:
    1. Tap the button to delete the Story and more...

How we can help enhance your social media:

We can make a lot of different types of graphics to help you stand out on social media:

  • Animated logos
  • Video intro/ outros
  • Animation and animated gifs
  • Templates that you can edit
  • Video editing
  • and anything else that you can think of!