search engine optimization

SEO is the process of improving your online presence to increase your position in search engine rankings.

What determines your position? Generally speaking, and not in any particular order:

Website Content

The content on your website is one of the most important things that the search engines look for when determining your ranking.

How much content about the keywords being searched is on your website? How is that content structured and presented?

Your Reputation

How long as your business and your website been around?

How often is your business mentioned online and in what context?

Do you have any reviews?



How much content does your website have relating to the keyword(s) that are being search for by the user?

Does your website have the type of content that that user likes, such as video, images or text?

There are 2 main types of Search Engine Optimization:

Search engine optimization

What can be done on your website to boost your search engine ranking.

Search engine optimization

What can be done on other websites to boost your search engine ranking.


Search engine optimization

What can be done on your website to improve your position in search engines?

Content is King

The best marketing investment you can make is in writing and/or creating great content. Your marketing content is like an asset that will be working hard for you 24/7. Not only will it help your search engine rankings but you'll be able to use it repeatedly on social media, email marketing and in print.

What is great content?

  • Relevant to the keywords people would use.
  • High quality, valuable and well written.
  • Current content that is frequently updated.
  • A variety of media types are presented, text, images and video.


Search engine optimization

What can be done elsewhere on the web to improve your position in search engines?

What is a link?

A link is anything that when clicked directs users (and search bots) to your website. For example:

  • The "website" link on your Google My Business account
  • The link to your website from your Facebook account.
  • A link from a directory like the Yellow Pages, Yelp, Trip Advisor etc.
  • A link on a suppliers website to your website

All about the Links

Having other websites provide a link to your site is how the search engines understand and value your online reputation. The quality and ranking of the website that has the link means everything.

Online directories

Are there any local online directories? If so ask if a link to your website can be added to their website. The Yellow Pages and other larger, national directories are also an important place to add a link to your website and your business details.

Industry & association publication ads or links

Advertise within your industry on websites that represent different relevant organizations and associations.

Partner or affiliate websites

Team up with other business and ask for them to add a link to your website on their website.

Local business websites

Ask local businesses to add a link to your website on their website.

Blog post or article comments

Write a blog post for another website and include a link to your website.

Video comments

Add links to your website in your video comments on YouTube and other websites.

Don't have the time?

As content creation experts, we can help!

Whether you provide the bullet points or we write everything for you, we optimize content for reading by search engines and real users. We write content and design infographics that are valuable resources to helping your business grow.

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