How to use Facebook to promote your Business

Facebook is a great place to connect with customers.

Facebook has some great tools to promote your business for no charge, and if you decide to advertise on Facebook, they offer some affordable options.

How Facebook for Business works

Facebook Personal

Personal Profile/ Account

You must have a Personal Facebook Account to create a Business Page.

Your personal account/ profile will be assigned a “Role” on the Business Page.

When your Personal Profile has been assigned a “Role” on a Business Page, you’ll be able to post content to Facebook as yourself or the Business Page.

Business Page

Facebook Business Pages are separate from your Personal Account.

You need to have a Personal account to login to Facebook and create a Business Page.

Once created, your personal account will be assigned a “Role” on the Business Page.

You can assign others to Roles as well. Anyone with a “Role” on the Business Facebook Page can post to the Business Page and can post as the Business.

Need Help?

We can help setup your Business Facebook account and provide graphics and content for your posts.

How to Post and Share Content to your Business Facebook Page

When on your Business Page, you can post directly to it. When sharing content from another website, you’ll get the option to post the content as yourself or the Business as well as where to post the content: to the Business Page or your Personal Page.

You must be logged in to Facebook using your Personal Account to have access to the Business Page.

How to assign other users to your Business Facebook page

If you have a staff member that you want to have access to your Business Facebook page, you can assign them a “Role”. There are several different “Roles” but you’ll normally want to keep yourself as the “Admin” on the account and assign an “Editor” status to your staff. Anyone with an “Admin” role can assign and remove other users. Anyone with an “Editor” role will be able to post content to the Business Page.

When users are assigned a Role on the Business Page, they are able to post content to the Business Page AS the Business Page. Their personal profile name are is not shared. Users on Business Pages are not shown unless the user chooses to post from their Personal account to the Business Facebook page.

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