our marketing process

It’s never been easier to harness the power of your website to reach your audience and grow your business!

We can get you started, or choose from one of our Marketing Packages to get superior results with animated and branded graphics, effective calls to action and search engine optimized content. Reach our audience where they are: on search engines like Google, social networks like Instagram and Facebook and their email inbox!

pick a great idea

We work with you to pick a topic each month (or week, etc) to focus on. The subject should highlight a specific product or service that you provide and we create a narrative around how that product/service solves common problems and addresses a need. Through the use of creative and relevant graphics, source images, videos, animations and other supporting media, we will increase your article’s readability and boost user engagement.



step one

Write a Blog or News Article on your website.

Our methods include providing well researched written content with effective use of keywords and long tail key phrases.

 DIY TIPS: Use your website’s search engine optimization tools to ensure that the keywords you’re targeting popular keywords effectively.

step two

Create and send an E-Newsletter.

Either in MailPoet, Mailchimp or another E-Newsletter program. Using a written teaser and graphics, images and videos we create a newsletter design that focuses on your current content but also provides information about other products and services that you provide. The newsletters is then sent to your database of clients.

 DIY TIPS: Continually add to your client database by adding a Sign up form on your website.

step three

Share a graphic about your Article and a teaser to your Facebook Page.

Our creative use of graphics, photography, videos and animations call viewers to action.

 DIY TIPS: Use your website’s social media toolbar to share your Article or paste the URL into a Facebook Post.

step four

Share an image or video about your Article to Instagram.

Instagram is an image and video focused platform so we focus on providing graphics and videos that entice viewers and drive them to your website to learn more.

 DIY TIPS: Use an app like OVER to compose eye catching graphics or have us create some for you.

  Watch your audience’s reaction on social media, in the comments and in your inbox!

Respond to everyone that reaches out to keep the conversation going. It’s important to be accessible, showing up on social media and replying to your audience is an ongoing activity that will yield results.

We love to empower our clients to take control of their website’s content. But if you don’t have the time, we can help get you started, provide graphics and help edit your own content. Either way, following this process gets results.