Quick Start – Add New Pages to the Menu

The Main Menu for your website by default is only accessible by users with Administrator credentials. If you don’t see the Appearance Menu in the Dashboad, please contact us to be given the proper permissions to access it.

To add a new link/page/post to your website’s main menu

  1. Navigate to the WordPress Dashboard (the back end of your website)
  2. Using the WordPress Dashboard Menu on the left of the screen:
  3. Choose Appearance Menus
  4. Using the Palettes on the left side of the screen
  5. Choose the type of link you want to add Example: In the Pages Palette tick the box beside the page that you want to add
  6. Then click Add to Menu

Which Palettes are shown will vary depending on your website’s theme. Basic options include Pages, Posts, Custom Links, Categories etc...

  1. The new Menu Item will be placed below the others
  2. Click and Drag it to the desired position. Indented Menu items will be placed in a submenu that’s accessed when a user clicks or hovers over the Parent Menu Item
  3. To Re-Name the menu item, open it by clicking the down arrow to the right
  4. Change the Navigation Label text

TIP: If linking to an external website like your Facebook page, make the link open in a new window:

  1. Click SCREEN OPTIONS in the upper right corner. Tick the box beside Link Target.
  2. Tick Open link in a new tab under the Navigation Label for the menu item

Save the menu when done.