The anatomy of a Google Search Results Page

There are normally 2 – 4 distinct spaces on a Google search results page.

1  Paid Google Ads

At the top are paid Google ads. These are pay per click (PPC) ads that cost anywhere from a few cents per click to several dollars.

2  Business Identity

On the right you may see a Business Identity. If the keywords you searched for closely match a Business name, Google will display that business’s information, including a photo, map location, contact information, hours, write a review button etc. This data comes from your Google My Business Account.

3  Map and Businesses

Below the paid ads, you may see a map with few businesses listed. If the keywords you searched for indicate that you’re looking for a type of business, Google will show a map. Also shown are the top matches on the map. The ranking in this area is mostly based on your Google My Business Account.

4  Organic search results

Then the "Organic Search Results". The ranking in this area is controlled by Google's algorithm and is based on a number of "On Page" and "Off Page" factors.

How to get to the top of....

Having a high budget will get you to the top of the Paid Ads section. When setting up your budget, Google will give you estimates of the amount per click that you’ll need to spend to get to the top of the first page of Paid Ads.

We don’t work with Google Ads but you can use the link below to learn more.

Business Identity

Register your business to get a Google My Business account. Once you have your listing verified, complete all the information such as:

  • Address
  • Contact information
  • Hours
  • Description - use keywords and use the maximum words / characters allowed
  • Add photos and videos

Once your account is setup, encourage your clients to leave a review of your business on Google. They can do that by searching your business name on Google and clicking the "Write a Review" button that appears under your business information.

Map Area

Once you’ve set up your Google My Business account, you can compete for ranking position on the map. Several things go into the algorithm that determines which business is shown first, second and third. Part of this is decided by distance from the users location. Other factors such as the number and quality of reviews can help.

This is the area that you can best control where you rank. The Google algorithm that decides ranking is based on two main areas: On Page factors and Off Page factors.