How to increase your position in the Google Map Listings

There are usually 4 businesses shown in the map listings area on a search results page.

See the description below for an overview of the whole Google Search Results page.

What you can and can't have an effect on

Just like Google's general website search results, the map area uses an algorithm to determine the order of the businesses that are listed on the search results page. While Google keeps this algorithm is a secret, it's open about some things that determine positioning:


The user's physical location is given a lot of weight in determining the ranking of businesses in the map listing list. Meaning the closest businesses to the user will be ranked highest.

What you can do: Make sure that your address is correct and mention your service area(s) in the description area. If you don't have a physical location this is even more important, in addition to listing the towns in the "Service area" area.


Google looks at your chosen business category and business listing content (description, photos, etc) to determine how well it matches what the user is looking for.

What you can do: Enter a well written description that includes important keywords. Add as much relevant content as possible, using text, photos and videos. Add products and services if applicable.


The number and quality of reviews helps to determine your businesses position in the map listing results.

What you can do: Encourage your customers to write a review of your business. And respond to your reviews - especially negative ones because potential clients can see how you respond to adversity.

Ask your customers to write a review

Make it easy for people to write a review. Include a link on your invoices, email correspondence, put a link right in your email signature or on website.

How customers can write a review

  1. Enter your business name into Google
  2. Locate your business description on the right side of the page
  3. Click the Write a review button
  4. Login using a gmail email address
  5. Choose a star rating
  6. Add a comment
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Anatomy of a Google Search Results Page