Add a Video to a Page or Post

Video files are very large and it’s recommended to “embed” a Video that’s hosted elsewhere such as YouTube or Vimeo. Adding a large Video to your Media Library will slow down your website’s speed and load time. Using YouTube or Vimeo also give views more control over viewing and sharing the video.

Embed a video into your Page or Post.

  1. Click to add a new “Block” (section) of content and choose VIDEO.
  2. Click Upload to upload a new Video. NOT RECOMMENDED
  3. Click Media Library to use a Video from your Media Library. NOT RECOMMENDED
  4. Click Insert from URL to add an image from a URL such as YouTube, Vimeo etc RECOMMENDED
Add a Video
Add a Video

To get the video’s URL..

  1. Go to YouTube or Vimeo
  2. Find your video and click on it to play it.
  3. Copy the URL (website address to the video), it will look like the example below: 

Back on your website:

  1. PASTE the URL that you previously copied
  2. Format the Video as desired using the Video Formatting Toolbar
  3. Choose the Video alignment.
Video Block Alignment
Video Block Alignment

UPDATE or PUBLISH the Page or Post when done. or