WordPress website

Custom WordPress websites

WordPress powers more websites online than any other web app. It's a powerful platform that can do anything you can imagine.

The WordPress websites that I build come with a suite of premium features and plugins that ensure your website is an effective champion for your business right from the launch and decades into the future.

The setup includes all the fundamentals and lots of extra functionality can be easily integrated at any time.

Starting at $1,875*

cms website layout

+ approx $250 per page to add text and photo content

*Includes the following features:

Custom Graphics

Infographics, Stock photos, styled to match your branding and logo.

Drag & Drop Interface

Easily make edits and add new content using an intuitive drag and drop interface.

Google Analytics

Traffic tracking that provides details about how visitors arrive at and use your website.

Unlimited Pages

Add unlimited pages to your website. Add new pages to the menu so users can find your new content.

Large Content Module Library

The Drag and Drop software that we use comes with a large built in library of content modules that are easy to use, customize and style.

Advanced SEO Tools

Great search engine optimization and easy to use tools to increase positioning.

Animation & Effects

Built in animation and effects are easy to apply and help your website stand out.

Social Media Integration

Share content easily to social media networks.

Advanced Caching Plugin

This speeds your website up using a premium plugin. Google rewards faster websites with a higher position in the search results.

Premium Contact Form Plugin

We use form software that is the best in the industry and highly adaptable to any situation. It provides contact forms that use invisible recaptcha services to keep spam down.

*Includes setup and styling of the Header and Footer areas:

*Includes up to four hours of time


website header area

The Header is the area at the top of every page on the website. It normally contains the logo and main menu.


website footer area

The Footer is the area at the bottom of every page on the website. It normally contains the logo, contact information and copyright.

page content


The Main Content is the area between the header and footer that is different on every page. This area will contain all your text, photos, videos and any other content that you want.

Adding content is charged by the hour see "Content Creation" below more details.

For do-it-yourselfers this area can be populated with placeholder (fake) content and left for you to add your own text and photos.

website main content area

RATES: Our hourly rate is $125.00 and is billed in 1/4 hour increments.

content creation optional

We can research and write the text for your website or you can provide us with your text or add the content yourself.

Text Content options
  • We can research and write search engine-optimized content for your website. Estimated at two hours per page, depending on the length of the content. The text will be added and styled appropriately.
  • We can add your supplied text content, optimize it for search engines and style it appropriately. Estimated at a half hour plus per page, depending on the length.
  • You can write and add the content yourself
  • We can design infographics that help market your products and services and match your branding.
  • We also access to a huge library of professional stock video and can edit your supplied video as desired. We use industry standard video editing and special effects software.
  • We can design infographics that help market your products and services and match your branding.

We can add your text content:

Starting at $75* per page

We can write and add the text content:

Starting at $250** per page

* We will expand on the text content that you provide. and use AI to further develop appealing wording and optimize the content for search engines and human readers.

** We will research and write appropriate text content. AI is used to enhance and expand the wording and optimization for search engines and human readers is also included.

hosting & management


$450 per year

We host, manage and update the basic and premium software for all the website's that we build. Using a 24/7 monitoring and backup system we protect your website against any compatibility issues and future threats. An SSL certificate (site lock) is included to secure your domain.

We can design a stand out, modern and effective logo for your organization. Our packages include all file types, colour descriptions, fonts and everything you need to recreate your logo on any medium.

special functionality optional

WordPress has almost unlimited options for extending your website's functionality. If you don't see an option below that you're looking for, please let us know and we'll find it or write it for you.

RATES: Our hourly rate is $125.00 and is billed in 1/4 hour increments.

online shopping optional

Online Shopping

Includes setup of the following areas and functionality:

  • Single product page styling (product photo, description, quantity box and add to cart button)
  • Two placeholder products will be added (or send in your product content)
  • Shopping Cart page
  • Checkout page
  • Canadian Tax setup (GST & PST calculations)
  • Order management and automatic email messaging
Payment Options

Includes setup of a basic payment gateway:

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Square

Additional options are available, please inquire.

Shipping Options

Includes setup of basic shipping options:

  • Free Shipping
  • Flat Rate Shipping

Additional options are available for an extra charge to cover shipping calculator purchase and setup.

  • Canada Post ($195)

Starting at $550

Adding products, photos, descriptions and other content is charged by the hour.

We've customized almost every aspect of e-commerce websites. Ask us about any special requirements you have or anything that would help create the best online shopping experience for your customers.

blog or news section optional

Single Article Layout

Layout for the Single Article page includes:

  • Previous and next article navigation
  • Breadcrumbs to return to main blog page
Blog Page

Setup of the main blog, or news page includes:

  • Setup of 
Recurring Events & Schedules

Post recurring events and show your users your current schedule.

Starting at $350

newsletters optional

Signup form

Includes adding a call to action and sign up form on your website.

Legal standards

In Canada, our anti-spam laws require providing a way for subscribers to unsubscribe from the list and not receive future emails. This software provides that functionality and more.

Stay out of the junk

We add a set of DNS records to your domain that will help get your newsletters delivered to subscribers' inbox instead of their junk folder.

Starting at $450

We can also design a template or welcome newsletter that you can repeatedly use and adjust to your individual needs. The software that we use provides an easy to use drag and drop editor.

IDX real estate listings optional

MLS Search

Includes setup and styling of an MLS property search including, multiple search filters.

Your Listings

Your MLS listings will be automatically streamed to your website. The photos, videos, descriptions, sizes and location details are all shown right on your website.

Client Management

Your buying clients can create an account on your website, save favourite properties and get automatically notified when new properties matching their details hits the market.

Starting at $550**

There are many other options and extras that come with a Realtor's website. Let us know about anything extra you'd like to reach your clients and stay top of mind.

**Subscription to a paid third party app is required (estimated at $55 per month).

event calendar optional

Feature Events

Showcase events using a full featured event calendar. Add details about the event including a map of the location, cost, event organizer and more.

Sell tickets

Sell tickets to events and have customers pay online.

Recurring Events & Schedules

Post recurring events and show your users your current schedule.

Starting at $550**

There is both paid and free software available to provide a feature rich event calendar.

**Subscription to a paid third party app may required (estimated at $99 per year).

social media feeds optional

Show your Facebook Posts

Your website will look more current if it looks like it's updated more often. Streaming your Facebook feeds can help with that.

Instagram Photos

Show your Instagram Feed right on your website.

Developer API Credentials

Both Facebook & Instagram require the creation of developer API credentials to prove account ownership before streaming feeds is allowed. This process is included in the pricing shown.

Starting at $375

online booking optional

Show your Availability

Help your clients see when you're available.

Booking online

Allow your clients to book online. This process can be simple by sending a an email to you and your client or more complex depending on your requirements.

Online payments

Offer online payment through a number of payment processors (Stripe, Paypal etc)

Starting at $375**

There is both paid and free software available to provide a feature rich online booking experience for your clients and management tools for your business.

**Subscription to a paid third party app may be required for some of the more advanced scheduling functionality (estimated at $99 per year).

logo design & branding optional

Two to Three Versions

We provide two to three initial versions of your logo. Two hours of time is included with our packaged price and extra time is charged at our hourly rate.

All File Types

We include all the file types you'll need to use your logo everywhere from letterhead to vehicle wraps to online uses.

Branding Package

Our branding package includes everything you'll need to reproduce your logo on any surface or medium. CMYK, RGB and Hexadecimal colour spaces are defined. Fonts are included where applicable.

Starting at $750

RATES: Our hourly rate is $125.00 and is billed in 1/4 hour increments.