Quick Start – Edit Existing content

Once logged in, you’ll see the WordPress Tool Bar across the top of the page:

The WordPress Administration Toolbar

Menu items shown will vary depending on the specific features of your website.

To edit an existing page or post:

  1. Navigate to the Page or post that you want to Edit
  2. Using the Administration Toolbar at the top of the window:
  3. Choose Edit Page or Edit Post

OR, to access all Pages and/or Posts

  1. In the Back End, from the Dashboard Menu:
  2. Choose Pages > All Pages or POSTS > All posts
  3. Click on the Name of the Page or Post that you want to edit

The Page and Post Editor will open:

From here you’ll edit and add content to the main part of the Page or Post. Please see the Table of Contents for detailed instructions on adding specific types of content.

Edit the page or post as desired…

  1. To edit text: click where you want to make the change
  2. or Click to add a new “Block” (section) of content

UPDATE or PUBLISH the Page or Post when done. or