How to Use Content Blocks

  The following instructions are for the native WordPress Editor

If your website uses our Drag & Drop Editor (it should!), please use the link below instead of the instructions on this page.

Drag & Drop Editor Instructions

Website Editing Toolbar

If you don't see the Drag & Drop Editor button at the top of your website's pages and posts (as shown above), please contact us to have it installed.

Each element on the Page or Post is called a Content Block. Examples of content blocks are a paragraph of text, a heading, a photo, a photo gallery, a video etc.

Add a New Block of Content

TIP: Content Blocks can be moved up or down by using the Toolbar on the left that pops up when you hover over each block of content.

  • Click to add a new “Block” (section) of content
  • Click on the content block that best matches the type of content that you want to add. Or use the search box to locate it.
  • Types of Content Blocks will vary by website, common Content Blocks include: Paragraph, List, Heading, Gallery, Quote, Image etc

For a full list of Content Block types and how to use them please see the Table of Contents.

TIP: The Tools for each Content Block can be placed at the top of the browser window or at the top of each Content Block when selected. Choose which toolbar placement works best for you.

Click in the top left corner. Then under View, click Top Toolbar