Add a Paragraph to a Page or Post

how to add a new paragraph
  1. Click to add a new block content
  2. Choose to add a new Paragraph Block
  3. Type or paste the text content into the Paragraph Block box

4. Format the text:

Text / Paragraph Toolbar
Text / Paragraph Toolbar
  • To make all or part of the text Bold or Italic:
    • Select the text you want to format and click the appropriate button.
  • To create a link, select the text that will be the link and click the LINK icon.
    • Paste the URL into the box provided or Search for Pages and Posts on your website. ‘
    • If the link is going to an external website, click and choose Open in New Tab
    • Click to save the link and/or commit a change

5. Format the Paragraph Block:

  • Format the Paragraph as desired using the Paragraph Block Settings on the right side of the screen.
  • If you don’t see the Document and Block settings palette:
    • Click in the top left corner
  • Under Text Settings, change the size of the text and if desired add a drop cap
  • Under Color Settings, change the colour and background colour of the Paragraph

UPDATE or PUBLISH the Page or Post when done. or

Paragraph Content Block Examples

This is a standard paragraph with a Normal Font Size.

You can align paragraphs to the left.

You can align paragraphs to the right.

Or you can align paragraphs to the centre.

Words and sentences can be made bold, italic or a link to another page.

This is a paragraph with a Medium Font Size. A background Colour and Text Color have been chosen.