Edit an Image

Once the image has been added to the Media Library you can use the WordPress Image editor to make some basic changes to the image size, rotation, cropping etc.

From the dashboard:

  • Choose Media > Library
  • Click on the Name of the image or media you want to edit
  • Click Edit Image

To crop the image:

  • Click and drag a box within the image
  • OR Type the dimensions into the Image Crop box on the right
  • Then Click the Crop button

To scale the image:

The ideal size for uploading new images is 2000 pixels wide. This is an average full screen size which will allow the image to be enlarged to fit most screens.

  • Type the dimensions into the Scale Image box on the right
  • Click the Scale Button in the upper right corner

Other Editing Tools:

Rotate Counter-clockwise

Flip Vertical


Rotate Clockwise

Flip Horizontal


UPDATE the Image when done.