How to Bulk Edit Products:

This functionality is great for editing all or some of your products at once. You’re also given the ability to increase or decrease prices by percentage.

TIP: You can filter the list of products by Category before Bulk Editing them. This may allow you to have easier control over what you’re editing.

  1. Access your Product List in the back end:
    • From the main Dashboard Menu: Choose Products > ALL Products
  2. Tick the box to the left of all the Titles of the Products that you want to Bulk Edit.
  3. Click the Bulk Actions Menu Bulk Actions Menu
  4. Choose Edit
  5. Click Apply

The Bulk Editor will open

The Product(s) you’ve selected to edit are listed by name in the left hand column.

6. Edit the Product Data as desired

Scroll to the bottom and click UPDATE when done.