What’s new in the back end of your website?

WordPress 5.0 offers a new Page and Post Editor. Creating engaging content has never been so easy!

Adapting to changes in the Page and Post Editor

The first time you open the new Page and Post Editor you may be confused at the simplicity of the layout. Don’t worry, all the same options are there but it’s now easier than ever to add new content in a more attractive way.

Page and Post content is now divided into Content Blocks. A paragraph is a content block, so is a list, a video, a heading etc.

Each Content Block has it’s own tools, settings and options. The tools for each Content Block differ depending on the type of Content Block.

  • The Toolbar for each Content Block is located right above the active Content Block or in the Top Toolbar, you can choose which location you prefer in the More Tools and Options Menu.
  • The Block Settings for each Content Block are located in the Document and Block Settings panel along the right side of the screen. This area can be toggled on and off using the Settings button.
  • The Document Settings panel:
    • For Pages, contains the Publishing tools, Revision options, Featured Image and Comment Tools etc…
    • For Posts, contains the Publishing tools, Categories, Tags, Featured Image, Excerpt, Comment tools etc…

TIP: Choose what palettes are shown in the Document Settings panel. Under the More Tools and Options menu, click Options at the bottom. Tick the box beside which palettes you want shown.

Configure the Page and Post Editor’s layout:

The Page & Post Editor Toolbar
The Page & Post Editor Toolbar

The Settings button, on the right of the screen at the top will toggle the Document and Block Settings panel that’s located along the right side of the screen.

The new Page and Post Editor’s top toolbar provides access to common tools and menus.

Configure the editor’s layout as desired using the More Tools and Options button in the top, right corner.

  • Under View:
    • Choose whether to access all the block and document tools in a single place at the top or above each Block Item.
    • Choose whether to work in full screen mode

Learn more about the new Page and Post Editor

Ready to add new content?

If you’re adding a new Post or a Page, get started:

  • Simply start typing in the space provided in the Page or Post Editor to create a new Paragraph.
  • or Click the Add Block button in the top, left corner to add another type of Content Block such a list, video or photo.

See a full list of instructions for each type of content block here.

Editing existing content

Content that was created in previous versions of WordPress will be placed into a Classic Editor Block. Learn more about the Classic Editor Block.

Editing content in the Classic Editor is done the same way as previously. Just put your cursor where you want to make a change and edit the content as desired.

TIP: You can add new Content Blocks before or after the Classic Editor. Create a new Content Block and using the Navigation icons, move the Content Block up or down on the page.

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