Add Interest & Interactivity to your Blog

There are endless options for adding extra functionality to your website’s Blog. Whether you have just one category called “Blog” or a series of sub-categories, offering an easy way to keep users engaged is the goal.

Providing a structured Blog is the most important part of setting up for success.

Consider how your categories and the content will breakdown and organize your Categories and Tags (if desired) to best support the topics.

Categories differ from Tags in that they have a structure to them. You can have Parent and child categories where tags do not have this structure. Tags are best used to further group similar content. For example an article about Campbell River could be in a “category” called “Vancouver Island” could be tagged Fishing, if the article had some content about fishing. I do not suggest using the same title for a category as a tag, they should be different and tags should be more precise.

TIP: Each Post Category & Tag has an optional description that can be added. This will be shown on the main Category and Tag pages.
To add a description to a Category or Tag “page”:
1. Navigate to the Category or Tag in the Front or Back end
2. Choose Edit Category, either from the top Administration Toolbar or Dashboard

Now that you’ve got a properly structured Blog, what can be added to get people interested?

Add a Search Bar to allow users to locate content that they are interested in.

Add a Comment Section that promotes a conversation and allows people to ask questions about the content.

Incorporate your Blog posts into your marketing plan and use an e-newsletter service to shout out your new post.

Share the post onto your social media account with an interesting Call To Action.

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