Add a (Simple) Product

Simple Products are those that have no options for size, colour etc.

Enter the Product Name & Description:

  1. Type a meaningful TITLE
  2. Type or Paste the PRODUCT DESCRIPTION and use the Text formatting tools as desired.

The Product Description is the main text content on the Product page. An original Product Description, one that is written by yourself is the best way to ensure your website is highly ranked in the search engine for users searching for the product. Alternatively you can copy and paste the description from the manufacturers website.

Choose a Product Category and Tags:

  1. Tick the appropriate CATEGORY(S)
  2. Or add a New Category

To add a new category:

  1. Click Add New Category
  2. Type the Category Name

Categories are the main way Products are grouped. Products can be in more than one Category at a time. Categories are also Hierarchical, so you can have Parent and Child Categories.

Tags are a way of linking similar content. They are similar to Categories but are usually more specific and they don’t have a hierarchy. A Product can have numerous Tags.

To add tags:

  1. Begin typing the TAG name into the box provided. Existing Tag names will appear as you type.
  2. Click on the TAG name or Type a new Tag
  3. Click OK

Choose the main Product Photo

The Product Image Palette is along the right side of the screen, near the bottom. This Image is used as the main product photo. More images can be added into the Product Gallery. WordPress will automatically crop the image to fit in the allotted area.

  1. Click Set Product Image. The Media Library will open.

To use an Image from the Media Library

  1. To use an Image from the Media Library, click on the image
  2. Type a TITLE and ALT TEXT for the Image if it doesn’t have one.

To Upload an Image

  2. Navigate to the file and SELECT it
  3. Click OPEN
  4. Type a TITLE and ALT TEXT for the Image if it doesn’t have one.

TIP:The Alt Title is important for Search Engine Optimization and is used when people search for images in the search engines. Use meaningful Titles that contain effective keywords that describe the photo. The Alt Title is also read aloud by screen readers used by the seeing impaired, so it’s important to fill these in.

Optionally add a Product Gallery:

  1. Click Set Product Gallery Images. The Media Library will open.

To use an Image from the Media Library

  1. To use an images from the Media Library, click on the images (holding the shift key to select multiples)
  2. Type a TITLE and ALT TEXT for each Image if it doesn’t have one.

To Upload Images

  2. Navigate to the files and SELECT them
  3. Click OPEN
  4. Type a TITLE and ALT TEXT for each Image if they don’t have one.

Enter the Product Data:

Weights and dimensions must be added to each product. This allows the Shipping Calculator(s) to estimate the Shipping Cost for each product.

Simple Product - Product Data
  1. Choose SIMPLE PRODUCT this is the default option.
Product Data General Tab
General Tab - Product Data
  1. Under the GENERAL Tab:
  2. Enter the REGULAR PRICE  (Optionally: enter a SALE PRICE. Sale Dates can also be set by clicking Schedule).
    • Choose the TAXABLE, Shipping Only or None
  4. TAX CLASS. Canadian Taxes have been setup for you, if your store requires international tax rates. Please consult a tax professional and we can add the rates as instructed. 
    • Choose STANDARD (for GST & PST) or PST EXEMPT. The PST EXEMPT class has been setup for most stores. 
Inventory Tab - Product Data
Inventory Tab - Product Data
  1. Optionally, Under the Inventory Tab:
  2. Enter a SKU (Optional) This for UPC code or other product identification number
  3. Choose whether to MANAGE STOCK and how to handle Backorders
  4. Choose a STOCK STATUS
Shipping Tab - Product Data
Shipping Tab - Product Data
  1. Under the Shipping Tab:
  3. Choose a SHIPPING CLASS if applicable. The PICKUP ONLY Shipping Class has been added for most stores.