Add a Column Block to a Page or Post

Columns contain two or more text/paragraph areas.

  • Click to add a new “Block” (section) of content and choose COLUMNS.
  • Type or Paste the text content into the column areas
  • Format the text as desired using the Text Formatting Toolbar
    • Choose to make all or part of the text Bold, Italic or a link to another website.
    • Select the text you want to format and click the appropriate button.
Text Formatting Toolbar
Column Block Formatting
  • Format the Column as desired using the
    Column Block Settings on the right side of the screen.
  • If you don’t see the Document and Block settings palette:
    • Click in the top left corner
  • Under Columns, choose the number of columns

TIP: Each Column in a Column Block is a treated as a separate Paragraph and can be formatted in all the same ways.
Clicking on the outer edge of the Column Block will allow you to edit the Column. Clicking on the inner Paragraphs will allow you to edit the Paragraph settings.

UPDATE or PUBLISH the Page or Post when done. or