To Set up Email on your iOS Device

Access your device’s settings…

  1. On your device, go to Settings
  2. Tap Passwords & Accounts
  3. Tap Add Account
  4. Tap Other,
  5. Tap Add Mail Account

Enter the information required…

New Account
NameEnter your name or company name
EmailEnter your email address
PasswordEnter your email password
DescriptionEnter an optional description
  1. Tap Next

Enter the incoming and outgoing server information…

Incoming Mail Server
User Name: Enter your email address
Password: Enter your email password
Outgoing Mail Server
User Name: Optional
  1. Tap Next & you’re done!

 Add Another Outgoing Server…

If you cannot send email you may need to add another outgoing server to your settings. Please add the server that corresponds to the company providing your wifi/ cell reception / internet connection etc.

  1. Go to the Mail settings for the account
  2. Tap / click on Outgoing Mail Server
  3. Under Other SMTP Servers, tap / click Add Server…
  4. Leave the User Name and Password blank
  5. Enter the settings as shown below that match your ISP into the Host Name box.

Server settings and Ports…

ServerStandard Ports
Incoming server (IMAP):
143, 993 (SSL)
Outgoing server (SMTP):
80, 3535, 25, 465 (SSL)