google analytics

Your website uses Google Analytics to track your website's traffic. You can learn a lot about how visitors are using your website by looking at the data collected. From the backend of your website, the Insights button will show you some basic data, but login to Google Analytics to see a lot more information.

How to access your Google Analytics Account

Learn about your online traffic so you can cater to your base and attract new customers. Locate the Google Analytics page of your instruction manual and make note of the username and password. Or use the same account that you use for your Google My Business account. Navigate to Google Analytics Login to the account using the…

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Navigating around the Google Analytics Dashboard

When you first see the Google Analytics Dashboard you may feel overwhelmed. There is a lot of information here! But taken one step at a time it’s a rewarding and interesting exploration. We’re sure you’ll want to keep delving deeper! Lets start with the basics. Here’s the Main Menu that you’ll be using:  A brief…

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Learning about your website visitors

Where are the visitors located? From the main dashboard menu choose Audience > Overview. By default the Language preference is displayed. Click the City link, from under the Demographics heading to the left of the Dashboard main Menu Now you’ll see by City, the number of Session for each. The first ten rows are shown by…

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