How to access your Google Analytics Account

You can also view your website's traffic data from the back end of your website by clicking on the Insights menu.

Learn about your online traffic so you can cater to your base and attract new customers.

  1. Locate the Google Analytics page of your instruction manual and make note of the username and password. Or use the same account that you use for your Google My Business account.
  2. Navigate to Google Analytics
  3. Login to the account using the credentials from the Google Analytics Page in your Website Instruction Manual
  4. Choose the Property you want to view, in most cases “All Website Data” or “Good Website Traffic”

In recent years spammers have found their way into Google Analytics accounts. Certain filters have been applied to the "Good Traffic Only" property enabling you to view the real stats, not skewed by spammers that don't even visit your website. Most of these spammers are located outside North America. Keep that in mind if some of them trickle into your reports.