Learning about your website visitors

Where are the visitors located?

  1. From the main dashboard menu choose Audience > Overview. By default the Language preference is displayed.
  2. Click the City link, from under the Demographics heading to the left of the Dashboard main Menu
  3. Now you'll see by City, the number of Session for each. The first ten rows are shown by default. This can be changed below the table.

How are visitors  finding your website and is that paid advertising working?

  1. From the Main Dashboard Menu choose Acquisition > Overview

Organic Search Means traffic from search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Referral Traffic is from other websites that have a link to your website. Examples include Yellow Pages, Local Business Directories, Tourism sites etc.

Direct Traffic is from those visitors who've bookmarked your website or who type the address directly into the address bar.

Social traffic is from your Facebook, Twitter and other social media campaigns.