Why does it say “Not secure”next to my website address?

not secure

In 2018 many website browsers started showing the words “Not Secure” in the address bar next to website addresses that aren’t secured using an SSL License.

What is an SSL License?

An SSL License provides an extra layer of security and privacy for your website and users of your website. The SSL certificate encrypts the data that is transferred between the user’s browser and the website server. This includes the user’s interactions with the website and any data entered into contact forms on the website.

The lock icon is displayed next to the website address in the address bar of the browser. This icon signifies that the website is “secure” and that communication with the website will be encrypted.

Credit card data and other personal data should never be entered into forms on a website that isn’t secure.

Are there any other advantages to having an SSL Licence?

Yes there is, Number 2 is especially advantageous!

  1. Securing your website with an SSL License shows users of your website that you value their privacy and security.
  2. Google considers security in it’s ranking algorithm and will boost a secured website’s position (as of July 2018).