What are the benefits to having a professionally designed website?

The price range to have a website built is just like anything else and you get what you pay for.

Even the old adage “to poor to be cheap” applies.

What’s the point of a poorly worded and unattractive website?

It can cause you to loose trust with potential clients by being so…broken, un-usable and just plain frustrating. You may have even got the thing for free but the cost to your business in the long run is a far bigger hit.

So what are the benefits of having a professional website for Campbell River, Courtenay and northern Vancouver Island businesses?

  1. It’s cost effective marketing. The life span of our custom wordpress websites is helping to set the bar! They’re responsive to all devices making them almost future proof. Being a custom theme built in WordPress means that you can change the skin of the website without a huge cost. The text and photo content is easily editable.
  2. 24 hours a day availability. Your website is always there, even in the middle of the night when say if you’re a roofer, someone needs to know if you repair flat roofs.
  3. Cater to smaller and niche markets. It can be hard finding specialized products and services in smaller communities. Get your website found by users in Campbell River and Courtenay.
  4. Build your business’ profile. It would probably take you a long time to describe everything your business has to offer. Finding the time and opportunities to sell yourself can be rare.
  5. Target a wider market. Expand your business, without limitation. With effective search engine optimization people from all over the world can find your business and purchase your products.
  6. Analyze customer behaviour. Gather valuable information about your website visitors to help target future sales.
  7. Increase sales and presence in your market. That’s the bottom line and the real goal.

Successful Campbell River and Courtenay website design

How much does a custom WordPress website cost?