What is a Gif?

A “Gif” is a file format, similar to a jpeg, png or pdf, but like all file types, they have a specialty.

Gif files support multiple frames, like a video, they are also “rasterized” content meaning they rely on pixels, also like a video file. But Gif’s also support transparent pixels. This is what makes them so great for creating animated “stickers”.

Gif’s are all over social media because their movement help’s grab people’s eye.

This is a GIF file

Do you remember ever making an animated flipbook in school? You take a pad of paper and draw in the corner of every page. If you do it, when you fan through the pages you’ll see your drawing come to life. Gif’s operate the same way, they’re created using a “frames per second” setting that determines the speed and smoothness of the animation.


Giphy.com is a popular website / app for searching for gifs to share on social media. You can also upload your own custom gifs by creating an account. If you want to go a step further and allow others to use your gifs you can do so by creating a Brand or Artist account. Use the link below to apply.

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