Holistic Search Engine Optimization

You’ve got great content, images and a nicely designed website, now what?

If your website doesn’t rank on page 1 or 2 or even 3 in the Google Search Results, no one will find it.  As I mentioned in my last post, the holistic approach to SEO involves digging in and providing your potential users with what you think they’re looking for.

Whether its text or photo, both are important the only thing to really ensure here is that the title and alt tags of the images have been set with meaningful text and that heading tags are used and contain prominent keywords. Make sure the text is human readable if it’s just bloated with keywords no one will read it and no one will take your site seriously, especially Google.

But what if that’s not enough?

It should be, but unfortunately in many cases it’s not. It does take a website developer to ensure that page titles and meta data is set correctly. This ensures that Goggle and humans know what your website is all about.

There are extras that you can do to help Google and other search engines increase their trust of your website.

That’s really what Seo is all about is gaining the trust of the search engines. A brand new website, even a well built and search engine optimizted website will rank poorly for up to two months.

Your website is like a restaurant with a new chef.

And Google wants to fully check you out and see if people use your site before it start to trust you and highly recommend your content.

You can enhance this trust (especially for local searches) by being connected with other locally based businesses and websites.

Linking is the interconnectivity and life blood of the web. Linking your Campbell River website to other local businesses shows Google a community connection for you.

By having other sites link to your site is arguably more important for increasing your rank.

Having reputable Campbell River websites link to your website is a very important part of advancing past your natural spot on Google.

One way to accomplish this is through paid advertising.

There are a tons of websites out there that offer paid advertising in the form of an actual ad on their website or a linked listing for your business. Google ads do not increase your ranking per say, but if they drive enough visitors to your site that find your information valuable it can certainly help.

The websites that provide the best “link juice” for your website should rank highly themselves.

That way you piggy-back to a certain degree on the faith that Google has in their website. Some examples for increasing the rank of websites for businesses in Campbell River and Courtenay include:

There are other free ways of achieving links to your website.

As a business owner you know that successful businesses are the leaders in their respective industries. Prove it by writing articles, blogs or how to columns on local and nation news and organizational websites. Search engines love that and your customers will too.

Not all links are created equal.

There are many websites out there that offer paid or even free links to your website but no one ever goes there. So what’s the point? It can even hurt your rank to be linked to a bunch of websites who’s only goal is to link to a bunch of website in hopes of increasing there own rank.

So find websites that rank highly and go after their “link juice”.

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