Beware of telemarketers and spammers offering guarantees to get your website ranked number 1 on Google

No one can make this type of guarantee first of all, so that should make you very suspicious.

If your business manufactures running shoes are they guaranteeing that your website site will outrank Nike? Not likely, they don’t even know what products or services you provide because chances are they haven’t even visited your website.

These false advertisements are usually offering a monthly paid service to perform search engine optimization on your website. Most are not local to Campbell River, Vancouver island or even based in North America.

So are any of these SEO agencies legitimate?

If the sender has branded their communication with a logo or company name or even the domain name in the email address itself, Google it. Successful SEO companies will rank well for at least their company name so they should have a decent online presence, that is after all what they say they do.

So who can you trust for these services and do you even need them?

Well if you want to rank higher on the search engines than you do now then yes you will want your website optimized to obtain a higher rank. But whether you need to hire someone to do it will depend on how well your website is built to begin with.

There are many ways of performing Seo and many aspects to it.

But none of it needs to be complicated and in most cases you and your website designer can develop a plan to get you there.

Seo is not a set it and forget it type of “setting” on your website. The set up must be done correctly but after that it’s true what they say: Content is King.

The more relevant and quality content you have about your main keywords the higher you’ll rank.

The higher you rank the more people will visit your website. The more people that visit your website the higher you rank. The more you update your site the higher you’ll rank.

Get the picture?

Google wants to provide its users with the most up to date and meaningful content that they’re users are searching for. So give it to them! That’s the holistic approach to search engine optimization.

If you get a call or email you are unsure of, give us a shout and well help decipher it for you.

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