E-commerce opens new markets for Campbell River Businesses

On northern Vancouver Island and other rural towns across Canada it can be hard to locate specific goods and services.

It’s the perfect atmosphere to generate sales for your Campbell River, Courtenay or Comox Valley business. Every business needs a website and every location should have a convenient online alternative for their customers.

It’s never been easier to get started selling online!

Our easy to manage and update e-stores are designed with you and your customers in mind. Tons of shipping options are available and payment gateways make handling the transactions a breeze.

Get a quote today to expand your market and attract new customers.

Customers love to window shop too and use online stores to browse your products before deciding on a purchase.

Don’t let them find another retailer! Even online shoppers like to buy local and it saves on shipping costs too.

E-Commerce website design

Developing an effective online store takes planning. Making the shopping experience engaging and informative for users is important. Offering related products and up-sells catered to the users preferences helps increase online sales.

WordPress provides fantastic tools for managing your website and online store

A familiar interface awaits you in the back-end of your online store designed by Vancouver Island Designs. Using the same proven foundation of Wordpress your e-commerce website will be built solid and you’ll enjoy 100% support for all your needs.

Check out some e-store websites we’ve recently created: