Add the Classic Editor to a Page or Post

  The following instructions are for the native WordPress Editor

If your website uses our Drag & Drop Editor (it should!), please use the link below instead of the instructions on this page.

Drag & Drop Editor Instructions

Website Editing Toolbar

If you don't see the Drag & Drop Editor button at the top of your website's pages and posts (as shown above), please contact us to have it installed.

The Classic Editor was used in previous WordPress Versions. When possible use a Content Block for all Page and Post Content to maximize control over the content.

  • Click to add a new “Block” (section) of content and choose CLASSIC EDITOR.
Classic Editor Toolbar
Classic Editor Toolbar
  • Add content as desired
  • Format the content as desired using the Classic Editor Formatting Toolbar
  • If you don’t see the all the tools as shown, Click the Toggle Toolbar icon (shown depressed in the above image)