Add Products to your online store

Add a new Product to your e-commerce website:

  1. From the Dashboard choose Products > New Product. Or from the top menu bar choose New > Product
  2. Give the Product a name
  3. Give the Product a description
    1. Click in the large white space below the text formatting toolbar. I would recommend typing an original description yourself or you can copy the product information
      from the manufacturers website and paste it into the description area.
    2. To copy and paste text from another source:
      1. Navigate to the text you want to copy and using your cursor select the text
      2. Right click on the selection and choose copy, or use the keyboard shortcuts ctrl V
      3. Go back into the back-end of the Product information page you were on
      4. Click the PASTE AS TEXT button in the text formatting toolbar. This will remove any invalid formatting that was carried over.
      5. Format the text as desired using the text formatting toolbar. I recommend formatting the text with headings and lists to make the text more readable.

Assign the Product to a Category

  1. Click the box beside the appropriate Category, or make a new Category:
    1. Click Add New Product Category link
    2. Type the Category name, choose a parent, if applicable
    3. Click Add New Category

Add a Main Product Photo

Photos can be sourced several ways:

  1. Take the photo yourself and copy it onto your computer (attach the camera to your computer)
  2. Or use a photo of the Product from the manufacturer’s website
    1. Find an image of the product, an ideal width is 500 pixels
    2. Right click on the image and choose Save Image As…
    3. Save the image to your computer, making note of the directory it’s in. The image can be deleted once it’s been added to the website.
  3. Click Set Product Image, Product Galleries can also be used but they are not the main image that gets displayed.
  4. Click Select Files
  5. Click Upload files in the upper left corner
  6. Navigate to the file on your computer, select it and Click Open at the bottom of the window
  7. You can edit or crop the image if needed by clicking Edit Image in the upper right corner
  8. In the box labeled Title, type the product name including the brand
  9. Type the same information into the Alt text area (or copy & paste)
  10. Click Set Product Image
    The Title and Alt Title are important:
    – They help users find you when searching for your products
    – Enable search engines such as google to direct customers to your
    website when they search for the product
    – They allow screen readers for the seeing impaired to read the Title
    of the image, when viewing it isn’t possible.

Add more photos (optional)

Addition product photos are displayed as thumbnails
below the main product image on the single product page

  1. Click Add Product Gallery Images
  2. Repeat the process used to upload the main photo. Don’t forget to add the Title and Alt Title. You can select multiple files for the Product Gallery.

Enter the Product Short Description (optional)

The short description is optional. On the front-end of the website it’s displayed beside the photo at the top of the single product page.

  1. Click in the text box labeled Product Short Description
  2. Type and Format the text as desired using the text formatting toolbar.

Enter the Products Data:

  1. Choose the type of product, there are 2 main types of products:

For Simple Products, Used for most products:

  1. Under the General Tab: Enter a SKU Optional but recommended for large stores
  2. Enter Regular Price
  3. Enter a Sale Price (Optional, dates can also be set by clicking Schedule)
  4. Change the Tax Class if necessary
  5. Click the shipping tab: To automatically calculate shipping charges, you’ll need to fill out the weight, length, height and width.
  6. Change the Shipping Class if necessary

For a Variable Product (One product is displayed with variations such as size, colour etc):

  1. Click the arrow next to Simple Product and choose Variable Product
  2. Click on the tab on the left labeled Attributes
  3. Click ADD on the Attributes tab
  4. Fill out the information shown:
    1. Enter a Name for the variable such as Size or Colour
    2. Check both boxes: Visible on the Product Page and Used for Variations
    3. In the Value(s) area Type a Name for each variable (ex: 1 Litre | 2 Litre ). Separate each value with a “ | ” , also known as the Pipe character. It’s located on your keyboard above the Enter Key on the right. (Use the shift key to access it).
    4. Click Save Attributes
    5. Click on the Variations Tab on the left
    6. Click the Link all Variations button to generate data fields for each variation. Click OK to the message(s) that pop up about maximum variations and variations added.
    7. You’ll now enter separate information for each product variation:
      Enter a price for each variation
    8. Enter the weight, length, width and height for each variation, if applicable.
  5. Click Publish to publish the product on the front end of the website or Click Save Draft to save the product information but not publish it on the front end or Click Preview to open a new tab and see the preview of the product.