Add a Quote to a Page or Post

Quote Blocks are a good way to add formatting to a testimonial or other type quote.

  • Click to add a new “Block” (section) of content and choose QUOTE.
  • Type or Paste the text content into the Quote Block box.
  • Optionally add a Citation (the source of the Quote)
  • Format the Text as desired using the Text Formatting Toolbar that displays when writing the Quote or Citation.
    • Choose the desired formatting.
Text Formatting
Text Formatting
  • Format the Quote as desired using the Quote Formatting Toolbar
    • Choose the desired alignment.
Alignment Formatting
Alignment Formatting
Quote Block Settings
  • Format the Quote as desired using the Quote Block Settings on the right side of the screen.
  • If you don’t see the Document and Block settings palette:
    • Click in the top left corner
  • Under Styles, choose Regular or Large

If this content is a new Post such as a Testimonial, make sure you choose the appropriate Category.

UPDATE or PUBLISH the Page or Post when done. or