Add a new Slideshow Image

If you’re website has a slideshow, changing the images is a great way to keep your site current.

    1. Using the dashboard menu on the left choose: Slideshows > Slideshows
    2. Choose the slideshow you want to add or remove an image from
    3. To Delete an image from the Slideshow:
      1. Scroll down to find the image and choose Delete. This will not delete the image from your Media Library, only the slideshow.
    4. To Add an image:
      1. Choose Image Slide from the right side Slides List
      2. Navigate to the image in the Media Library or
      3. Click Upload Files in the Left top corner,  navigate to the image(s) on your computer.
      4. Ensure that the Alt text is meaningful
      5. Click Select
    5. Back in the slideshow settings, click update