Create a new Category

Adding a new Category of Posts to your website helps organize the content in a meaningful way for your users and you.

Once you’ve added the new category, please see the Post on Adding a new Menu item to your websites main menu to access the new category and it’s posts.

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard
  2. Under the Posts Menu, choose Categories
  3. On the right you’ll see a list of all the current categories
  4. On the left, type the type of the new category. Make it a meaningful and SEO name using a minimum of words, maximum of 5 is common.
  5. Choose a Parent Category if applicable, this helps establish structure
  6. Type a Description, this is often utilized on the main Category page in the front end to help describe the Category.
  7. Choose Add New Category

You’ve now got a brand new area to add content to.

Go and add a new post to the new category

Now that you’ve added the new category , you’ll need to edit the Main Menu so users can access the content.