Add a new user to your Google My Business Account

If you've claimed your Google My Business listing you can add new users to help you manage the account.

There are 3 main roles that you can assign to users:

  • Owner
  • Manager
  • Site Manager
  1. Open a web browser such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Edge
  2. Go to
  3. Login using the Gmail address and password that you used to create the account.
  4. If you have more than one location setup, click on the location that you want to add a new user to.
  5. Using the menu on the left, Click Users
  6. Click Add users
  7. Enter the Gmail email address for the user that you want to add
  8. Choose a Role for the new user
  9. Click Invite

The new user will receive an invitation by email to their Gmail account.

Once the new user has accepted the invitation, they'll be able to use their login credentials to manage the account and make changes based on their user role.