Options for online Payment processors

If you’re planning on offering products and services for sale on your website, take some time to consider how you’d like to collect payments.

payment options

Online Payments

credit cards
  • Credit card payments
  • Paypal, Stripe, Square, Moneris etc

Transaction fees vary drastically and can be as high as 3% and 30 cents per transaction. Some companies may offer lower rates but have higher fees.

Off-site Payments

  • Cheque
  • Cash
  • E-transfer

account setup

You can use the links below to set up your payment account(s).


paypal logo

Recommended for sites that also have Stripe or Square for handling credit card processing. Paypal is good to have as an extra option.


Stripe is great for online stores. It's simple to setup and use.


Square is a good option for people that also want to take payments in person and/or also at a brick-and-mortar location.