Shipping Options for Online Stores

Planning for shipping requires some thought.

Even if you only have a few products, the cost of shipping can vary dramatically depending on the weight and dimensions of the products but also how far the package has to be sent.

shipping options

Free Shipping

  • Create an incentive by offering free shipping for orders over a certain dollar value.
  • Easy setup.

Flat Shipping

  • An easy way to recover some shipping costs.
  • Easy setup but inflexible.

Local Pickup

  • A great way for locals to shop online
  • Using specific postal codes we can offer this method to only those customers.

Shipping Calculators

  • Your shipping costs are covered and paid by the customer during checkout.
  • Every product needs to have it's weight and dimensions entered in order for the shipping calculator to work.
  • Shipping calculators usually require a one time payment for purchase or a yearly fee depending on the provider.

shipping providers