Shipping Options for Online Stores

Planning for shipping requires some thought. Even if you only have a few products, the cost of shipping can vary dramatically depending on the weight and dimensions of the products but also how far the package has to be sent.

Options for shipping include anything from Free Shipping to Flat Rate and complex Shipping Calculators. You can also off Free Pickup to local customers.

Free Shipping


  • Purchase incentive.
  • Easy setup.


  • Provide Free Shipping to orders over a dollar amount.
  • Offer a Coupon Code to select customers or for a Free Shipping Event.

Shipping Calculators


  • Your shipping costs are covered.
  • Competitive shipping costs.


  • Every product requires a weight and dimensions.
  • Shipping Calculators need to be purchased.

Shipping Calculator Options

Canada Post
Canada Post Shipping
Canada Post Shipping
Purolator Shipping
Purolator Shipping
FedEx Shipping
FedEx Shipping