Using Lightspeed and WooCommerce

Manage product data and inventory in Lightspeed and sync it with your website using WooCommerce.

The Lightspeed and WooCommerce integration plugin allows you to use the Lightspeed POS in-store and sell online using your WordPress website and WooCommerce. The following information outlines the default behavior which can be adjusted as desired to fit your system and processes.

The following fields get updated on the website when it syncs data with Lightspeed.

Regular Price
Stock Quantity
Images (both featured and gallery images)
Attributes (for Matrix/Variable products)

The following fields get updated in Lightspeed when it syncs data with WooCommerce.

Stock Quantity

For new products, add the following information to Lightspeed and then to your website, once the product has been imported/synced.

In Lightspeed:

Add product images
Edit inventory
Enter price

On your website:

Add product description
Enter product weight
Enter product Length, Width & Height
Publish the Product

Upon initial import/sync, all products are set to the DRAFT status until they are manually published.