Setup Email Forwarding

Use rules to automatically forward messages to any email address

  1. Login to Outlook on the web
  2. Click the setting button
  3. To forward your messages to one address:
    1. Click Forwarding
    2. Tick the Box to enable forwarding
    3. Enter the email address that you want the emails forwarded to
    4. Optionally tick the box to keep a copy of the emails
  4. To Forward your messages to more than one address:
    1. Click Rules
    2. Click Add new Rule
    3. Enter a Name for the rule
    4. Under Add a Condition, choose Apply to all messages
    5. Under Add an action, choose Forward to
    6. In the box provided enter the email addresses
    7. Tick the box to stop processing more rules or add other rules
  5. Click Save