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Providing online users with extra relevant information is a great way to keep them on your website longer.

Everyone is interested in knowing the weather. If your client base is local, it’s a good way to show that your business is too. Proudly display your city name and the current weather forecast. For tourism based business, having their clients know the current conditions can help them plan their vacation for less surprises.

The following website’s offer current weather forecasts that have been customized…

Salmon Point Resort

Website design for Salmon Point Resort: www.salmonpoint.com About Salmon Point Resort: As one of the area’s premier RV Resort & Marinas, Salmon Point is a busy year round resort offering a ton of amenities for tourists and locals alike. Our objectives: Creating a mobile friendly and easy to update website was the main goal. Keeping the…

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Duval Point Lodge

Website design for Duval Point Lodge: www.duvalpointlodge.com About The Lodge: Nestled on the northern Vancouver Island coast Duval Point Lodge is a fishing paradise. With floating and land based lodges there’s something for everyone. Our objectives: Redesign a dated, under-performing and under-whelming website. Highlight the lodge’s new cabins and picturesque scenery. Requirements: Custom WordPress website Accommodation…

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