How to use your website to market your business online for little to no cost

Your WordPress website is the perfect platform from which to launch all your marketing. Follow our step by step online marketing guide below. You'll see results from minimal effort and cost.

This is our online marketing Golden Standard for providing the ultimate user engagement.

1. What you need to get started:

A Blog section on your website. And a E-Newsletter signup to gather contacts.

A Mailpoet or MailChimp account or similar. MailPoet is free cloud based software that integrates with your website.

Social Media Account(s) of your choice. 2 is a good rule of thumb.

2. Create & Publish a Blog Post:

3. Tell the World about it:

Making it happen...

Keeping to a schedule will make it easier for you to plan your post's main subject and supply a steady stream of content for your users.

Week One:

  1. Create the Blog Post

Week Two:

  1. Create an E-Newletter

Week Three:

  1. Share a snippet of the Blog Post's content to social media.

Week Four:

  1. Share another snippet of the Blog Post's content to social media. If you've received comments on the Blog Post, mention some of them.

When you're done...

Give yourself a pat on the back and check the analytics for your website and social media insights to see how well your Post performed!

Do you want help achieving your marketing goals?

Contact us for a quote to create content for your Blog Posts and social media sharing. We can help you get even more attention with animations, video intros and outros and much more!