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Showcase your products in an interactive way

If you’re not ready for online sales, a good starting point is offering your customers an Online Catalogue. You can include as much detail as desired provide an easy way for users to see your products and learn more about them. An online catalogue can consist of just a list of products, or be more informative and include details such as photos, videos and other specs. Page turning and other animations can really enhance the experience as well.

We’ve made these website’s with various types of Online Catalogues…

VI Powerboat

online store

A completely redesigned website for VI Powerboat VI Powerboat operates as a private boat broker and sells every size and type of boat from small recreational fishing boats to large live-aboard yachts. Our objectives for the VI Powerboat website: We decided early on that the functionality of an online store would offer big benefits to…

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Rocky Mountain Big Horn Distillery

craft distillery website design

ABOUT THE DISTILLERY: As a new family owned and operated craft distillery in Edson, Alberta, this client wanted a website rich in design and space to grow. OUR OBJECTIVES FOR THE WEBSITE: Build a website using the style of the logo, to show the care and attention to detail that the Distillery is known for.…

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Cutting Edge Aluminium Boats

Website design for Cutting Edge Aluminium Boats: www.cuttingedgealuminium.ca About Cutting Edge: Specializing in building aluminium boats and products that meet their customers’ individual needs and specifications. This means fabricating boats, accessories, docks, fishing equipment and more. OUR OBJECTIVES FOR THE WEBSITE: Cutting Edge is a new business offering superior quality custom aluminum boats and aquaculture parts.…

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