Formatting Toolbar Explained

Getting familiar with the formatting tools will help you create better looking and more diverse content.

Huge blocks of text without styling aren’t enticing enough for many readers. Break it up using the text formatting tools described below.

Formatting Toolbar

For most of these icons you will select (click and drag with your mouse) the block of text you want to format and then click the icon to apply the formatting.

Other tools like inserting images require that you click where you want to place the image then click the icon and enter the information in the pop-up. It’s generally pretty basic like using any word processor.

  • Bold – select an area of text and click the bold icon
  • Italics – select a block of text and click the italic icon
  • Strike Through – Adds a line over your text through your text
  • Unordered List – creates bullet lists
  • Ordered Lists – instead of bullets it will auto number your list
  • Blockquote – for displaying quoted text differently (in italics and centred in the post) Align Left – aligns text to the left
  • Align Center – centers your text
  • Align Right – aligns text to the right
  • Add Hyperlink – select the area of text you want to be the link and click the link icon. Add the
    link URL, choose if you want it to open in a new window or the same window. Then give the
    link a Title to describe what its linking to. (See page 7 for more information about links)
  • Remove Hyperlink – use this to remove a link
  • Insert more tag – Not recommended as this has already been formatted in your website
  • Spell Check
  • Distraction free writing – Opens the post content area in full screen mode.
  • Show/Hide Kitchen Sink (Advanced Tool Bar)
  • Formatting – Use this drop down to assign text to a heading or paragraph style. Assigning text with your main keywords to a heading style is important for Search engine optimization.
  • Underline – underline text with this icon
  • Align text – force the lines of text to be equal length
  • Font Color – change color of a selection of your text
  • Paste as Plain Text – to paste text copied from another source so as to strip all formatting
  • Paste from Word – to paste from a word doc & remove the unneeded formatting codes
  • Remove formatting – to remove formatting for a selection of text
  • Insert common character – such as bullets and popular symbols
  • Outdent – undo an indent Indent – indent
  • Undo – undo your last change Redo – redo your last undo