How to Add a New Category (of Posts)

By default and unless otherwise setup, your website will have one category – Uncategorized. Any posts that are not placed in another category will go in there.

To add a new Category

  • Using the Main WordPress Dashboard Menu, on the left of the screen, when in the backend:
  • Choose Posts> Categories

The Category Editor will open:

From here you’ll create categories, optionally add a description for each and choose whether to create Parent & Child categories (a category hierarchy).

Add the Category name

  1. Type the Category Name
  2. Optionally type a Description
  3. Optionally choose a Parent Category or create a Category that will be a parent to other “Child” categories.

For example if you had a News website your parent category could be News and the child categories could be different subjects of news such as Politics, Health etc.

Important information about Categories:If you create a post and forget to choose a category, the post will be placed into the Categorized until you change it.

Click Add New Category when done.

TIP: After the category has been created you can choose to edit it and in the Description area, you’ll have access to the rich text formatting tools such as bold, links etc.

TIP: After the category has been created you’ll probably want to add a way for your users to access the Category of posts from your main menu. See here for those instructions.