How to Send an E-Newsletter

Once you have gotten your Newsletter ready to go…

Click Campaigns

  • Click Create Campaign.
  • Choose Email.
  • Give the Campaign a Name.

Add Recipients

  • Click Add Recipients.
    • Choose your Audience and optionally Choose a Tag.
    • Click the box to Personalize the “To” field.
      • Choose |FNAME| |LNAME|.

Choose the “From” details

  • Click Edit From.
  • Use your Full name or the name of your company.

Add a Subject

  • Click Add Subject.
  • Type a good short and enticing subject line.

Choose a Template

  • Click Design Email.
  • If you already have designed your Newsletter…
    • Click Saved Templates.
    • Choose the Saved Template that you want to use. You’ll get a chance to review it and make edits.
    • Edit the design as desired.
    • Choose Save & Close from the bottom right corner when done.

Send a Test Email

It’s always recommended to send a test email

  • Below the Preview of your Newsletter…
  • Click Send a Test Email
    • Enter the email address that you want the test Newsletter to be delivered to.

Is it Ready to go?

  • If you want to make any changes after viewing the Test Newsletter…
    • Click Templates from the Main Menu
    • Choose the Template that you’re working on
    • Edit it as desired
  • If you’re ready to go…
    • Click Send from the upper right corner