How to use the VIDesigns Website Builder

Your website has been built with an easy to use, drag and drop page builder so that you can edit and add a huge variety of types of content effortlessly. The Header and Footer areas have been set up for you to match your business's style.

The anatomy of a webpage

anatomy of a webpage
VID Builder toolbar
VIDesigns Drag & Drop Page Editing toolbar


LOGIN to your website

See below for detailed instructions for how to edit specific types of content and their styles.

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Once you’re logged into your website, you’ll see the WordPress Administration toolbar at the top of the page. As shown below.

VID builder bar
The WordPress Administration Toolbar


Click the VIDesigns Website Builder button, as shown above.

The WordPress Administration Toolbar will be replaced by the VIDesigns Page Builder interface. As shown below.


To EDIT existing content, click on the content you want to edit.


Edit the content as desired...


When you're done editing, click DONE.


To Save and Publish later, click Save Draft. Otherwise click PUBLISH.