How the domains works, the basics…

Here are some basics as they relate to keeping your website and email accounts active:

Domain Registration

You'll need is a domain name, for example:

We can register your domain name for you (we are a reseller for GoDaddy) or you can register a domain yourself at any number of online retailers. We will need access to the account so we can edit your domain records.

DNS Records

Your domain contains DNS (Domain Name Server) records. These records:

Contain the IP Address of your website hosting server.

Provide email server settings for any email accounts that use your domain name.

Website hosting server

Space on a special server that is connected to the world wide web.

This server processes the coding on your website and provides space for your files and images.


Email accounts that contain your domain name can be purchased through us (we are a reseller for GoDaddy ) or through any number of other retailers.

Alternatives are Gmail, Hotmail etc.