Wordpress Training

Wordpress is just the best!

Not only does it allow us to make completely customized websites, but it helps make it easy for our clients in Campbell River, Courtenay and the Comox Valley to continue to manage their websites content. Our clients are given personal instruction and a customized manual to perform any changes and to add content to their website.

Please browse the Wordpress Tutorials below whether we’ve built your website or you’re just trying to learn more about Wordpress.

Formatting Toolbar Explained

Getting familiar with the formatting tools will help you create better looking and more diverse content. Huge blocks of text without styling aren’t enticing enough for many readers. Break it up using the text formatting tools described below. For most of these icons you will select (click and drag with your mouse) the block of … Continue reading Formatting Toolbar Explained

How to Create a New Post

If your website was built with Posts and Categories you can easily add more. Depending on your websites structure, Posts may not be currently utilized. If you’d like to extend your WordPress website to include a Blog, News Articles and more, please contact us. So lets add a new Post! From the Dashboard menu, choose Posts … Continue reading How to Create a New Post

Create a new Category

Adding a new Category of Posts to your website helps organize the content in a meaningful way for your users and you. Once you’ve added the new category, please see the Post on Adding a new Menu item to your websites main menu to access the new category and it’s posts. Navigate to the Dashboard … Continue reading Create a new Category

Add a new Slideshow Image

If you’re website has a slideshow, changing the images is a great way to keep your site current. Using the dashboard menu on the left choose: Slideshows > Slideshows Choose the slideshow you want to add or remove an image from To Delete an image from the Slideshow: Scroll down to find the image and … Continue reading Add a new Slideshow Image