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No matter what industry your business operates in, chances are you’re not an expert at marketing, design or advertising… and why should you be?

Managing that side of your business for you is what we do best and we want to share some of that knowledge with clients.

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All about Blogs

What is a Blog? Blogs are a great way to add a lot of content to your website in a structured and easy to navigate form. Search engines reward websites with well executed Blogs for these reasons. A Blog in it’s simplest form is just a group of posts or articles. Posts differ from Pages … Continue reading All about Blogs

What is a responsive website?

A responsive website is one that adapts the content styling based on the users device, usually the screen size. With the popularity of mobile devices and users accessing the internet on a huge variety of platforms and screen sizes your website needs to respond. No more pinching and zooming or scrolling around and trying to use … Continue reading What is a responsive website?

The importance of appearance

Appearance matters…a lot. Especially in business, your image says a great deal about the quality of your services. Professional marketing materials such as a logo, business cards and a website help establish your business’ credibility. Potential customers need to trust your company to provide high quality products and services. Campbell River, Courtenay and northern Vancouver … Continue reading The importance of appearance

Beware of telemarketers and spammers offering guarantees to get your website ranked number 1 on Google

No one can make this type of guarantee first of all, so that should make you very suspicious. If your business manufactures running shoes are they guaranteeing that your website site will outrank Nike? Not likely, they don’t even know what products or services you provide because chances are they haven’t even visited your website. … Continue reading Beware of telemarketers and spammers offering guarantees to get your website ranked number 1 on Google